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Ukraine: The Last Frontier of the West

Ukraine is in a way the gateway of Europe’s East and Central Asia, is considered the border between the two continents. Despite being an independent State since 1991, the country is strongly marked by the control and Russian culture.


Kiev, the capital of the country, is the emblem of independent Ukraine. After the fall of the Communist regime, its streets have seen floral exclusive shops and hotels of high range, becoming the main tourist destination of the country. The monastery of Péchers ‘ ka Lavra is the place of pilgrimage for the excellence of the Orthodox Ukrainians. This sacred place is recognized as world heritage by Unesco. The Orthodox churches have enormous gilded domes similar to which they can be seen in major Russian cities, welcoming mass religious ceremonies with coral attended numerous faithful under his roof. The Cathedral of Hagia Sophia hides in its bowels a small underground chapels in which lie the remains of 123 mummified monks whose bodies you can contemplate in the light of the candles (if you have the stomach for this purpose). By fllowing this link you will find a Ukraine travel blog.

The town of Lviv, one of the great jewels of Ukraine is located at the western end of the country. Ploshtcha Rynok, the historic center of the city, stands out for the beauty of its ancient buildings that combine different architectural styles of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and rococo Court. If you want to see a great panoramic view of the city, please do not hesitate to climb to the top of the high Castle Hill. Spectacular views are worth the effort. The pace of life in Lviv is quieter that in the capital, and their coffee, they say, is the best Eastern Europe.

Odessa city comprises the main waters of the Black Sea Ukrainian port. Founded by Catherine the great in 1794, the third largest city in Ukraine enjoyed a great splendor under the Crown of the tsars, coming to be known as the? St. Petersburg of the South?. Today the city boasts a wide range of nightlife where you will find numerous bars, clubs, and where you can enjoy the delights of the obesity night concert halls. The main symbol of the town is the famous Potemkin, composed of a total of 192 steps of different lengths and ten landings.

The area of the Carpathians is revealed to be the most appropriate for those who prefer the tranquility of the mountain to the large urban agglomerations. This rural region is made up of dozens of small villages with wooden houses located in nature. Its mountains, full of lush forests, valleys, and paths they are perfect for the practice of hiking and snow sports. If you are fond of mountain climbing, you can try to conquer the peak of Hoverla, the highest peak of all Ukraine, located at an altitude of 2016 meters.

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