Chopping Main Use

Main use chopping – are conducted with the purpose of wood billets in ripe and overstable plantations, based on the principles of continuous, non-exhausting and rational use of forest resources, preservation of conditions Reproduction of high-performance sustainable wood conditions, their ecological and other useful properties.

During wood billets is not allowed to cut and damage trees and shrubs, which are included in the Red Book of Ukraine, seeds, plus and other trees, which are of exceptional importance to preserve biodiversity.

In order to provide the specified requirements, depending on the category of forests, forestry conditions, biological features of woody breeds, composition and structure of the tree states, the presence and state of growth of the economic and valuable breeds and other features of forest areas, It is applied a selective, gradual, combined, solid system of Rubok.

The selective system of Rubok is measures, which are carried out for the improvement, formation and restoration of the tree conditions, during which the separate trees or groups of trees – fauna, overstable, ripe age, with slow growth, as well as trees Inhibit natural renewal. In the application of a selective system of the forest is maximally preserve and perform water, protective and other useful properties. The forest area remains constantly covered with forest vegetation.

Gradual system of Rubok is measures aimed at the preservation and use of the previous renewal and promotion of the natural restoration in the period between the methods, during the implementation of which is supposed to be the tree state in several methods.

A solid Rubok system is the measures during which the woodstate is being taken, except for trees and shrubs, which are subject to conservation.

The procedure of the main use is regulated by the rules of the main use (the Order of state forestry in Ukraine № 364 of the 23.12.2009 year) and rules of the main use in the Carpathians forests (Decree of CMU № 929 from 22.10.2008).

July 18, 2018