Forestry Works Information

Preparation for Forestry Works in 2017 Year

According to autumn inventory of the State forestry enterprises of Lviv regional administration of forest and hunting economy in the forest nursery grew more than 13 mln. standard seedlings of main forest formation breeds.

There are more than 300 thousand of nurseries in school departments. Decorative seedlings of coniferous, deciduous and shrub breeds, of them standard for realization – 283 thousand.

In addition, it should be noted that in autumn 2016 the soil was prepared under the forest culture of 2017 in the area of 349 hectares.

In total on the 2017 the volume of reforestation is planned on the area of 2850 hectares, of which 1461 hectares of garden forest crops and 1389 hectares of natural recovery.

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Roll of forest crop projects, industrial plantation and natural renewal at the enterprises of Lviv OULMG.

July 18, 2018